Keys to the kingdom.

What is $FLC?

$FLC is the native utility token of Flooring Protocol. It facilitates access to platform features and unlocks benefits based on the amount staked.

How is $FLC used in the protocol?

$FLC allows creating and renting Safeboxes, getting fee discounts, participating in auctions/raffles, and accessing exclusive VIP tiers. It is integral to many protocol functions.

What benefits does staking $FLC provide?

Staking $FLC grants access to utility features, higher VIP tiers with better rewards, reduced fees and longer Safebox periods.

Can $FLC be used to pay platform fees?

Yes, staking $FLC allows paying certain fees at significant discounts compared to other currencies when utilizing our platform tools.

How to earn $FLC?

Here are some of the main ways to earn $FLC tokens on Flooring Protocol:

  • Provide liquidity - Add selected token amounts to $FLC or μToken pools on Uniswap V3 to earn a share of trading fees. Stake the LP tokens on Flooring Protocol to get additional $FLC rewards. The more liquidity provided, the higher the earnings.

  • Staking rewards - The protocol will implement staking rewards where it distributes $FLC tokens to those staking and holding LP Tokens of asset pairs featured on flooring.io.

  • Airdrops - $FLC airdrops may occur for certain community members and early adopters.

  • Contributions - Contributing value to the project by creating content, developing integrations, helping govern, etc. may earn $FLC grants.

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