Your NFT is in a million pieces. Need help?

How many μ-Tokens do I get when I deposit my NFT?

You will receive 1,000,000 μ-Tokens for each NFT deposited, whether using the Vault or Safebox method. For example, depositing any Bored Ape NFT in the Vault or Safebox will yield you 1,000,000 μBAYC tokens. You will only be able to claim BAYC NFTs with these tokens.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is a storage hub where users can deposit their NFTs for fragmentation into publicly tradable μ-Tokens. NFTs in the Vault are eligible for random redemption by any μ-Token holder.

What are Safeboxes?

Safeboxes are personal storage units where users can deposit NFTs while still retaining ownership rights. This requires staking $FLC tokens to access and costs $FLC to rent.

What is the difference between the Vault and Safebox?

The Vault fractionalizes while relinquishing ownership of that unique NFT. The Safebox grants μ-Tokens but lets users retain ownership of the right to that unique NFT through the Safebox Key.

Vault : If you deposit Azuki #1011 into the Vault, anyone is able to claim the NFT you deposited into the Vault with 1,000,000 μAzuki tokens.

Safebox : For someone to claim Azuki #1011, they are required to spend 1,000,000 μAzuki tokens AND acquire the Safebox key from you through various tools such as Private Deals, Auction or Raffling.

Do I maintain ownership of my NFT when using the Vault?

No, depositing into the Vault means giving up ownership of that unique NFT. However, you gain fungible μ-Tokens in return.

How do I get a Safebox Key and what can I do with it?

You automatically receive a unique Safebox Key when you deposit your NFT into a new Safebox. This key allows you to manage, trade, and ultimately redeem your original NFT.

Can I withdraw my original NFT from the protocol?

Yes, NFTs deposited into Safeboxes can be redeemed by burning the same number of μ-Tokens received during deposit as long as you still hold the Safebox Key in your wallet. For the Vault, you would redeem a random NFT of the collection pool you have chosen to participate in.

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