Liquidity Provision

Rewarding those who make it possible.

How can I earn $FLC through liquidity provision?

Adding liquidity to $FLC and μ-Token pools earns you trading fee shares and liquidity mining rewards in $FLC. The more liquidity you add, the more you earn.

What are the benefits of providing liquidity?

Earning $FLC yields proportionate to your LP share. Contributing to ecosystem health by improving $FLC and μ-Token liquidity and trading volume.

What are liquidity mining rewards?

Some protocol reward market participants by distributing their native tokens as rewards. Flooring Protocol distributes $FLC to its liquidity providers as an incentive on top of the UniSwap fees that will be directed to LP participants.

Do I need to stake my LP tokens?

Stake your LP Token on to earn $FLC proportionate to your share of the pool once you add liquidity.

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