VIP Tiers

What determines my VIP tier?

Your VIP tier is determined by the amount of $FLC tokens you have staked in your Flooring Account. Stake the minimum amount of $FLC required for your desired tier.

What benefits do higher VIP tiers provide?

Higher tiers unlock more exclusive features, higher rewards multipliers, longer allowable Safebox locking durations, and much more.

Do my benefits decrease if my staked amount drops?

Yes, if your staked $FLC amount decreases significantly below the requirement for your tier, your benefits will reduce proportionally. Maintain your tier balance.

What does the Safebox Duration benefit entail?

Higher tiers allow you to lock your NFTs in Safeboxes for longer durations when you create or renew them. This provides more flexibility.

How does the Rental Discount work?

You receive a discount percentage on the standard $FLC staking requirements for creating or renewing Safeboxes based on your tier.

What is the Redemption Waiver?

This allows you to waive up to the listed amount in $FLC fees if you redeem an NFT by burning μ-Tokens when the Reserve Ratio is low.